“Celebration” Ornament

The bright colors in this ornament remind me of party decorations.

Materials Used:

  • one 80mm smooth foam ball
  • 1/2 inch sequin pins*
  • 3/4 inch sequin pins*
  • 15/0 clear iridescent seed beads*
  • 5mm sequins in silver hologram*, light blue, light pink, light green, and light orange*
  • clear iridescent “opal” glitter glue
  • 5mm wide ribbon in dark green, dark blue, hot pink, yellow and orange
  • four yellow pearl topped corsage pins
  • small smooth round clear iridescent beads
  • three larger smooth round clear iridescent beads
  • one 15mm silver hologram plum blossoms*
  • craft glue

*purchased at Cartwright’s


  1. First, pin one row of each color onto your foam ball as shown in the video. Make sure ribbon is evenly spaced.
  2. Next, outline all ribbon in silver hologram sequins.
  3. Then, add rows of colored sequins. Rows of light blue that trace the blue ribbon, rows of light pink that trace the hot pink ribbon and so on. I didn’t have yellow sequins so I used orange instead and it created a really nice effect.
  4. Once all colored sequins have been placed fill in exposed foam with glitter glue.
  5. Once glue has dried, add accent beads on the ribbon using your 3/4 inch pins. This gives the ornament some dimension.
  6. Using a corsage pin, create the hanging ribbon with orange ribbon and the bow using individual loops of each color ribbon you used in the body of the ornament. I used two loops of each color to create an eight looped bow. Then secure the bow and hanging ribbon with two more corsage pins and accent beads at the top.
  7. Lastly, add the bottom cap using a silver hologram plum blossom, one large clear iridescent bead, and a corsage pin.

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