“Japanese Checkers” Kimekomi Ornament

Finally a kimekomi ornament of my own design! I call this one Japanese Checkers.

Materials Used:

  • one 80mm smooth foam ball
  • red Japanese floral cotton fabric
  • navy Japanese floral cotton fabric
  • gold cord
  • 3/4 inch gold pins
  • two green pearl topped corsage pins
  • two gold bead caps

Tools needed:

YouTube Preview Image


  1. Draw lines on foam ball dividing it into 6 equal sections. Watch the tutorial How to divide your foam ball into six equal sections to learn more.
  2. Next, using your compass set at about 3 cm, draw a circle at the top and bottom of ball, perpendicular to the lines already drawn.
  3. Draw a line along the mold line in the middle. Your ball should now have 6 columns and 4 rows.
  4. Cut into the foam ball along the lines drawn.
  5. Cut fabric into squares and triangles slightly larger than each section. You should have 6 triangles of the red fabric, 6 triangles of navy, 6 squares of red, and 6 squares of navy.
  6. Tuck the fabric into the lines cut in the foam as shown in the video, alternating the red and navy fabric to create a checked pattern. Cut off excess fabric as needed. You may glue the fabric down if you wish, but make sure the glue doesn’t seep through the fabric.
  7. Once all the fabric is in place, glue the gold cord on the cut lines as shown in the video. Pin at intersecting points to secure the cord more firmly to the ball.
  8. Add bead cap to the bottom of the ornament with a corsage pin, and then add the hanging cord and bead cap to the top.

This design can be done with any fabric. You can even add a bow on top.
Check out this variation.

Pink & Black Sakura Checked Kimekomi

4 thoughts on ““Japanese Checkers” Kimekomi Ornament

  1. How can I get the tutorial on how to divide your ball into six equal sections? I want to make some of these for my tree, but can’t figure out how to divide it.

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