Six Petal Flower Kimekomi Ornament


Variations 1

Variations 4

Variations 5

Sorry, this tutorial is no longer available for free. To purchase this tutorial for the please visit my Etsy shop.

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    1. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner Paula. I honesly have no idea what it is called because I bought it in Japan and the name on the package is in Japanese. Even if I could read it, it would be called something different in English. I remember seeing some in the craft store in Pittsburgh but never bothered to take a closer look since I already have a lot. When I looked online for a good example this is what I found: The Metallic A-Y cords look like the stuff I’ve used in the past. The cord is thin enough to fit nicely on the seams but not so thin it easily falls down in. Much thinner than a shoe lace but not as thin as embrodery thread. I used thick cord once before and was really unhappy with the results. It took some experimentation to find exactly what I liked. I encorage you to do a little experimentation of your own. You might find something really special. Hope I helped you some. Let me know what you find and if you are happy with the results. Thanks for your question.

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