Red and Gold Striped, Sequined Kimekomi Ornament

Materials Used:

  • one 80mm smooth foam ball
  • solid dark red cotton fabric
  • red, black, etc. Japanese floral patterned cotton fabric
  • 5mm gold sequins
  • gold ribbon
  • 3/4 inch gold pins*
  • two pearl topped corsage pins
  • two gold filigree embellishments
  • glue

*purchased at Cartwright’s

Tools Needed:


  1. Draw lines on foam ball dividing it into 6 equal sections.
  2. Set your compass to 2cm. Draw a circle at the top and bottom of your foam ball.
  3. In each of the 6 sections, find the center point of the line you just drew and mark. Do this on both top and bottom of your ball as seen in the video.
  4. Then, at the mold line. Set your compass to 1cm, place the compass point on one of the six vertical lines and mark the mold line on both sides of the drawn line, as shown in the video. You should have 2 marks on either side of each of the six vertical lines when you are finished.
  5. Connect the dots as shown in the video to create 6 vertical diamond shapes inside the original 6 sections drawn.
  6. Using your craft knife, cut the diamond shapes into the foam.
  7. Cut 6 pieces of the patterned black and red fabric into diamond shapes, leaving extra fabric for tucking.
  8. Tuck the fabric, covering the diamond shape as shown in the video. You may glue down the fabric if you wish but make sure that the glue doesn’t seep through the fabric.
  9. Next, cover the top and bottom circles with the black floral fabric.
  10. Then, cut out 6 rectangles of solid red fabric leaving enough extra fabric for tucking. Tuck as shown in the video, including the center line.
  11. Next, pin gold sequins along the seams, covering all the seams.
  12. Pin a filigree embellishment with a corsage pin to the bottom of the ornament.
  13. Finish with a gold hanging ribbon and filigree embellishment pinned at the top with a corsage pin.

I hope you enjoy this design. Let me know what you think. Please leave a comment.