I’ve been MIA for two weeks. Real Life got in the way of ornament making for a little while. I moved the third week of September, and if you’ve ever moved before you know it can be a daunting task. Also, my husband had that entire week off and demanded my full attention. I have trouble finding time for myself when he’s in the house. Case in point, as I’m typing this post right now my husband is pestering me. “Give me 10 more minutes, honey.” Once I got all the boxes unpacked and my husband went back to work, I had to jump right into another project.

A very good friend asked if she could place and ornament order with me and I accepted. Usually I don’t accept orders but since she is a friend I decided to take on the challenge. She wanted ten ornaments in the Classic Red and Gold Egg design in various colors. Here is the original video I made for my YouTube channel back in March.
I was unable to replicate the ornament she wanted perfectly. I’ve run out of some of the supplies and haven’t been able to find them in Japan. But after a little trial and error, I was able to make something she was happy with.

I estimate that each ornament takes about 4 hours to make. So this past week, I’ve worked about 40 hours just filling her order. Here’s what my work space looked like just a few days ago.

My Workspace

Jars of Glitter
Drying in the Sun
Completed Ornaments

I’ll be finished tonight and shipping them off tomorrow morning. Then I should be back to my regular schedule, including a new design for you at the end of this week.

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  1. Just found your site today. Brilliant! You are a very talented lady, not sure what I’m more impressed with – your ornament designs (which are delightful) or your techno savvy of videos with music to match your ornaments (loved the Riverdance theme on the St. Patrick’s ornament). I was looking for inspiration and there you were! Have written a shopping list from you red and gold egg video and your kimekomi basic video, you make it look so easy I thought I’d give them a try. Great site, great videos, thank you>


  2. Hi Alyx, have made 2 balls. I was right, you make it “look” easy, haha! Still, it’s a learning curve that you’ve already been through, my second ball is much better than my first. Gluing the fabric in place first was a big help to me but by far the most important thing is finding a tool that pushes the fabric in neatly. I tried an upholstery needle last Thursday and the tip of my thumb is still numb but I had a blackhead remover which worked a treat so I went to Sally’s beauty supplies and bought 2 more for my daughter and my sister use. My sister used a compass and made random sized over-lapping circles on hers, it looks great, very artsy. Mine are both more structured with panels and angles. My finishing needs work, can’t seem to get the cord on without getting the fabric covered in glue, going to watch your videos again to see how you do it. Love your new Autumn ornament, that and rain yesterday, looks like summer is finally over, yippee!

    1. That is awesome Julie! So glad it seems to be working out for you.
      The foam balls I purchase in Japan are pretty soft. Softer than what I used to buy in The States. Maybe that’s why my fingers don’t hurt after all that tucking. I love that you use a blackhead remover. LOL. Whatever works.
      For the Kimekomi ornaments, the glue I use is more like a paste. It’s made from rice and it’s not runny. I suggest trying glue stick. That is the closest equivalent I can think of.

  3. Hey, Alyx! I think you are really awesome and very artistic. I just saw your website and I’m totally amazed. I just migrated here in the US (pardon my bad grammar)so I’m thinking what to do while I can’t go anywhere yet. I wanted to fight boredom and at least do something with my “so much extra time”. I’m so glad you had put up this website. You inspired me.
    May I know what brand of glitter paint you used for your egg shaped ornament? Did you just add red, blue and green glitter in to the paint?
    Your reply is very much appreciated. Thank you so much and I wish you more success with all of your projects!

    1. So glad you found my site Lj. It makes me unbelievably happy to know I have inspired someone else.
      To answer your question, the glitter paint is just clear glue and glitter mixed together. I call it glitter paint, as opposed to glitter glue, because I intend it to be completely opaque when it dries, as if it was actual paint. I make it myself.
      If you go to the FAQ page, the first question might answer any more questions you have.

  4. Hey, I saw your website this evening and ran to the craft store to get materials for the classic red and gold egg ornament. I bought some ready made glitter glue and found that it doesn’t want to cover the ornament. How many coats did you have to use to make yours cover completely? I love your work. Thank you so much for giving me something different to make.

    1. I made my own glitter paint from clear glue and loose glitter. Check out my FAQ page for more into on making glitter paint.

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