Falling Leaves Ornament

This week’s ornament is a basic design inspired by the autumn season.

I started making this ornament using an autumn color scheme and then remembered that I had these gold leaves buried somewhere underneath a pile of unused supplies. I can’t remember where I purchased them, but you can find something similar at Cartwright’s.

Materials Used:

  • one 60mm smooth foam ball
  • 1/2 inch sequin pins*
  • 3/4 inch sequin pins*
  • 15/0 clear iridescent seed beads*
  • 5mm sequins in orange*, gold and green
  • red and gold glitter paint**
  • 6mm wide gold ribbon
  • two pearl topped corsage pins
  • two 8mm red sequins
  • 11 gold leaf sequins (approx 9mm X 1.5cm)
  • gold thread
  • glue

*purchased at Cartwright’s
**homemade using loose red glitter and gold glitter glue.


  1. Pin gold ribbon in two perpendicular lines around the foam ball, sectioning the ball into 4 equal parts.
  2. Trace the gold ribbon on both sides with 5mm orange sequins.
  3. Then trace the orange rows of sequins with a line of alternating green and gold sequins.
  4. Paint the remaining visible foam with glitter paint. You may need several coats of paint to get an opaque look.
  5. Once the paint is dry, add the hanging ribbon and bow on the top of the ornament. Thread a green sequin and large red sequin onto the corsage pin, then the hanging ribbon and then the bow, in that order.
  6. Pin two gold leaves in each painted panel. One leaf pointing up the other pointing down.
  7. Thread 3 gold leaves onto a piece of gold thread.
  8. Tie the thread to a corsage pin. Thread a green and large red sequin on the pin, and pin it to the bottom of the ornament so the leaves hang down.

3 Replies to “Falling Leaves Ornament”

  1. You create such beautiful ornaments, what a wonderful talent! I love them all! Thank you so much for sharing.
    Have a blessed holiday season and keep on creating!! 🙂

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