Stained Glass Inspired Ornament

I needed inspiration and found myself looking at pictures of stained glass windows. I wanted to try and replicate the brilliant colors and geometric patterns. This could probably be done as a kimekomi, however I thought glitter would better illustrate the light properties of glass. Any one of my kimekomi patterns could be used for a similar ornament. For an even more authentic stained glass look, black or dark gray sequins could be used to represent the lead.

Tools Needed

  • ballpoint pen
  • glue
  • drafting compass
  • liquid White Out
  • paint brush

Materials Needed:

  • one 70mm smooth foam ball
  • 1/2 inch silver sequin pins*
  • 15/0 clear iridescent seed beads*
  • 5mm silver sequins
  • red, blue and green glitter paint**
  • 9mm wide silver ribbon
  • one silver pearl topped corsage pins
  • one 8mm red sequin

*purchased at Cartwright’s
**homemade, using loose glitter and clear glue. See FAQ page for more info on how to make glitter paint.

FYI… In this video, the first 4 steps are not shown exactly as they are written. Please follow the written directions. This video is only meant as a visual aid.


  1. Draw lines on foam ball dividing it into 4 equal sections.
  2. Set your compass to 3cm. Draw a circle at the top and bottom of your foam ball.
  3. At the center mold line, find the point where the 4 vertical lines intersect it. At each point draw a circle with your compass, still set at a 3cm radius.
  4. White out the original 4 vertical lines you drew. You should now only see the 6 circles.
  5. Now, set your ball down and look at it from the top. You will see a square shape surrounding your top point. Set your compass point at each corner of the square and draw a circle. Your compass should still be set at 3cm.
  6. Once your 4 new circles are drawn around each corner point, turn the ball over and do the same on the bottom side.
  7. Trace all lines with silver sequins. Leave a 1cm circle at the top without sequins. You may outline this section with sequins, if you wish.
  8. Prep your glitter paint.
  9. Start with the bottom of your ornament. Look at the pattern of exposed foam and find the 4 triangles that form a cross in the center. Fill in the sections with glitter paint according to the illustration below.
  10. At the point were the blue diamond shapes touch there are a few more tiny spaces of exposed foam. These spaces are too small to fill in with glitter, so just fill them in with silver sequins.
  11. Finish your ornament by placing a silver bow and hanging ribbon at the top where you left some exposed foam. Thread the large red sequins onto the corsage pin, then the hanging ribbon, then the bow, in that order.

The most time consuming part of this ornament is waiting for the glitter paint to dry before moving onto the next section. You may need several coats of paint to get an opaque look. I like to use a very small paint brush for filling in the smaller sections.

I really love this ornament. I intend on making several more like it using different patterns and different colors of paint.

Happy Ornament Making!!

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  1. hi i waswondering what type of glitter paint you use because the one i used it’s not so good, please would you tell me and i love your crafts, they’re unique !

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