35 Minute Eggs

People often ask how long it takes me to make an ornament. My answer is usually between 4 and 8 hours. The sequined ornaments tend to take the most time while the fabric (kimekomi) ornaments take the least.

I have loads of free time, so spending half my day making one ornament isn’t totally insane. But if you’re like most people, you have a job or kids, or maybe both. Your free time is limited, so you need a project that will take little time but still have nice results. This ornament is for you.

Introducing the 35 Minute Egg!

These ornaments are perfect for Christmas or Easter. Just choose your fabric according to the season.
Use fabric and ribbon you love and in turn you will love your ornament.

When I timed myself making this ornament it only took me 35 minutes to complete. If you are new to this it may take you a bit longer.

Materials Needed:

  • one smooth foam egg, about 7cm tall
  • any cotton fabric of your choice
  • 6mm wide ribbon, in whatever color coordinates with your fabric
  • 2 small bead caps
  • 2 corsage pins
  • glue
  • cardboard or heavy paper
  • 3/4inch sequin pins*

*Purchased at Cartwright’s.

Tools Needed:


  1. Using your measuring tape, draw 2 perpendicular lines vertically on your egg dividing it into 4 equal sections. It’s easiest to use the mold line as your first line and draw your second line accordingly. Find the place on the egg where it measured 8cm from one side of the mold line to the other. Draw a dot at the half way point, 4cm. Then use your measuring tape as a straight edge. Connecting the top point, mid point you just drew and bottom point on my egg. Do the same on the opposite side.
  2. Using your craft knife, cut along the lines on the foam egg. The cut should be about 1cm deep.
  3. Next, make a pattern for your fabric panels with the cardboard, measuring slightly larger than each of the 4 sections on the egg. For my egg I used this pattern:
  4. Using your pattern, cut out 4 panels of fabric.
  5. Paint a thin layer of glue on one section of your foam egg. The glue should not seep through the fabric.
  6. Smooth a fabric panel over the glued area and tuck the edges of the fabric into the cuts in the foam. Repeat this on all 4 sections of your egg.
  7. Next, pin ribbon over the seams.
  8. Then, make your hanging ribbon and bow for the top. Thread a bead cap onto a corsage pin, then thread the hanging ribbon, then the bow, in that order. Dip pin in glue and pin to the top of the egg.
  9. To finish, thread a bead cap onto another corsage pin and pin at the bottom of the egg.

Happy Ornament Making!!

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