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Real Life has gotten in the way of posting a new design for you this week. But, I wanted to do a quick post before I run out the door to do another ESL Halloween Party for the local kids here in Japan. You see, I’ve had to take a part-time job to support my sequin addiction and this week I’ve been teaching elementary school kids words like Jack-o’-Lantern and Witch. We also played a version of “Hot Potato” with my Jack-o’-Lantern ornament. I call it “Pass the Pumpkin”. I just removed the bow and hanging ribbon from the top and now I’ve got a toy the kids can throw around. Since I didn’t use any pins for that ornament it’s perfect. And when the parents and teachers see it they are super impressed that I made it my self. I’ve already passed out several buisness cards for the website.

Any who… I’ve been conversing with one of my fabulous readers recently, Julie from California. After finding this site her and her sister decided to try to make some kimekomi ornaments. She was kind enough to send me pictures and agreed to let me share them with you.

So if you’ve been lurking around Ornament Designs but still haven’t tried it yourself, I Challenge You! The supplies are relatively cheap, and I’ve got loads of ideas in the archives. All you need is a little money, a little time and a steady hand. And if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at I’m happy to answer any of your questions.

Oh… and if you have taken the challenge and would like me to feature your ornaments on this site send me an email at the above address.

Happy Ornament Making!

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