Pittsburgh Steelers Ornament

Need a perfect Christmas gift for the sports fanatic in your life! Why not make them an ornament with their favorite team’s logo and colors?

This one is for my Grandmother.

Materials Used:

  • 3 1/4 inch smooth foam round ovals**
  • 1/2 inch sequin pins*
  • 15/0 clear iridescent seed beads*
  • 5mm sequins in gold, silver, red, blue, and black*
  • clear iridescent glitter glue
  • black glitter paint***
  • black ribbon
  • 1.5 cm gold star sequins*
  • gold bead cap
  • pearl topped corsage pin

*Purchased from Cartwright’s
**Made by Plasteel Corp.
***Glitter paint can be made by mixing black glitter with clear glue. See FAQ for more info about making glitter paint.

Round Ovals from Plasteel Corp.


  1. Find the team’s logo online. Save the picture on your computer and re-size it so it fits your foam and then print it. For this ornament I needed to put the team name on one side of the ornament and the logo on the other. The letters were too small to outline with sequins on the logo side of the ornament. If the letters are too small you won’t be able to make a good outline. The spaces in between the letters should fit your 5mm sequins. So, I made one print out of the logo that would fit one side of the foam, and then enlarged it so that the team name was large enough to outline on the other side.
  2. Cut out the logo and pin it to the center of the foam.
  3. Trace the outline of the logo with a sharp object onto your ball. An imprint of the logo should be left on the foam. I used a needle to punch tiny holes to create the outline on the foam.
  4. Fill in the diamond outlines of the logo on the foam with the proper corresponding colors of sequins, as well as the silver circle.
  5. Next, turn the foam shape over and pin the enlarged team name to the foam making sure it is centered and straight.
  6. Trace the outline of the letters with a sharp object onto your ball. An imprint of the letters should be left on the foam.
  7. Outline the letters you traced with gold sequins. See my previous post “Astros Ornament” to see a video of this technique.
  8. Paint the inside of the letters with black glitter paint and let dry.
  9. Once the logo and lettering is done, paint the remaining exposed foam on both sides with clear irridecent glitter glue and let dry. You may want to use several coats.
  10. When the the glitter glue is completely dry, trace the mold line that bisects the ornament with black sequins.
  11. Place the 1.5 cm gold stars at random around in the team name.
  12. To finish, thread a bead cap onto a corsage pin and then the hanging ribbon, in that order, and pin it to the top of the ornament.

I also made a Twilight inspired ornament back in March 2009 that uses the same lettering technique. Check out my Twilight Ornament video on YouTube.

Happy Ornament Making!

How To Make Quilted Ornaments

YouTube is a great resource for new project ideas and today I would like to share one of my favorites with you.

angiejanca has made this wonderful tutorial video explaining step by step how to make quilted ornaments. There is no sewing involved. All you need is fabric, straight pins and a foam ball.

I just followed Angie’s simple instructions and voilà…

I just happen to have a lot of pink fabric left over from another project, which is why my ornament is sooo pink. I suggest using fabrics in opposing colors like Angie did in the video. i.e. Red & Blue, Red & Green… I added the sequins just to spice it up a little. In total, I would say it took me about 4 hours to complete, including the time it took for me to measure and cut all the fabric. I’ve seen these in the past and always thought they looked so complicated. I’m surprised at how easy it is.

Designs from 2009

About a year before I started this site I started posting videos to YouTube. It occurred to me that maybe some of my new readers haven’t seen my old videos. So, today I’m featuring some videos from 2009.

I moved back to Japan around that time so I used a lot of J-Pop as background music. It’s fun, even when you have no idea what they’re saying. At least… I hope you think it’s fun. If not just turn down the volume. Also, the video quality isn’t great in some of these older videos. If you are really interested in a particular design but are having a hard time seeing exactly what I’m doing, send me an email and I will try to help you as best I can.

Silver & Blue Bell

Christmas Star

Deck the Halls

The holly leaves in this video were purchased at Cartwright’s.

Green & Gold

Sugar Plum

The honeycomb sequins in this video were purchased at Cartwright’s.