A Not So Great Start to 2011

Happy New Year Y’all!
Hopefully you have all recovered from your New Years hangovers and have started in earnest to loose the 5 pounds you gained over Christmas. I know I have. 🙂
I’m finally back home in Japan and decided to start of the New Year right with a little cleaning. This included cleaning the dust from the inside of my computer. Well, in the process I managed to damage something and now it’s not working. So after lots of cursing, crying and unsuccesful attempts to fix it myself I’ve been forced to bring out my ancient “emergency” laptop and take my desktop to a professional. This means no more new videos until I get it fixed. The “emergency” laptop is not powerful enough for video editing. I’ll just have to do my best without it for a little while.

Anyway, It the start of a New Year and that means it’s time to start preparing for Easter. Easter Sunday is on April 24th this year. So we’ve got about 100 days to get our Easter baskets ready.

Here’s a little something to get us in the Easter mood.

Beautiful aren’t they! I’m so impressed!