Zigzags and Polka Dots Kimekomi Easter Egg

This is one of my favorite designs. I’m really excited to be sharing it with you. There were a lot of challenges in making this egg and I had to go through several versions before finding the one I really liked. In my opinion, the bright colored fabric is what makes this egg special. I tried it in pastels and I thought it was boring. The bright colors give it a cartoonish whimsical quality.

You will notice that I used a thin layer of quilt batting between the foam and the fabric to give the egg a nice softness. I made kimekomi ornaments long time before I stumbled upon this idea in Suess and Hewitt’s book Japanese Kimekomi. So it’s not absolutely necessary but I think it really adds something special. Another great thing about using batting is that it hides any imperfections in your foam shape. Even if your foam is a little banged up, the batting hides all those little dents and scratches.

I also suggest, especially if you are relatively new to kimekomi, that you use fabric that has a little bit of elasticity. I found it very difficult to tuck around the sharp corners of the zigzags.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • ball point pen
  • drafting compass
  • tape measure
  • craft knife
  • tucking tool (I use a straight upholstery needle)
  • strip of paper
  • liquid white out
  • glue stick
  • 14.5cm tall foam egg
  • quilt batting
  • hot pink, bright yellow, light blue, and white cotton fabric
  • green metallic cord
  • 3/4 inch straight pins


  1. Draw lines dividing the egg into 8 equal sections.
  2. Choose one line and mark 7 points on the line evenly spaced.
  3. Once all your points on the line are marked, use the strip of paper to copy the marks to all the other lines.
  4. Using your compass, draw a circle around the top of your egg at the 2nd mark from the top. Then draw another circle inside the first circle, about 1mm past the first mark from the top. Do the same on the bottom of egg. You have now drawn 2 rings at the top and bottom of your egg that are about 1.3cm thick.
  5. White out the vertical lines inside the top and bottom circle and inside the rings.
  6. Starting at the top of your egg, using your measuring tape as a straight edge, connect the dots as shown in the video to create the zigzag pattern.
  7. Again white out the original vertical lines so all you see is the zigzags.
  8. Cut all the remaining lines on your foam.
  9. Cut out your quilt batting using the patterns below. Just click on the photo and then print. The number of pieces needed is written on the pattern.
  10. Next, cut out the fabric using the following patterns. Just click and print like you did in the previous step. The number and colors of fabric are written on the patterns.
  11. Using the glue stick, glue down the batting and tuck the fabric over it as shown in the video.
  12. Tuck, pin and/or glue the green cord into the seams.

I’ll be the first to admit that I glossed over some of the finer details in those directions. But as this post is so old I don’t feel the need to go back and fill in the details. Perhaps someday I will revisit this design but for now I’m just going to leave it as is.