Picture Window Easter Egg

White rabbits are a common theme in Japanese art. Apparently, it comes from an ancient Japanese myth about rabbit that lives on the moon and makes mochi (Japanese rice cakes). The Japanese also adopted the Chinese zodiac in ancient times and according to that calender 2011 is the year of the hare. I’ve encountered a lot rabbit motif fabric in my search through the fat quarter bins at my local craft store. I bought some of this fabric earlier this year knowing it would be perfect for Easter.

The little rabbits on the fabric I got were perfect for a small picture window egg. I’ve seen picture window ornaments in various shapes and sizes throughout my kimekomi research. It’s a very common design. I was inspired by what I have seen others do but I came up with the “how-to” totally on my own. You can easily change the measurements to change the size and shape of your window.

Materials & Tools Needed:

  • ball point pen
  • tape measure
  • craft knife
  • tucking tool (I use a straight upholstery needle)
  • liquid whiteout
  • glue stick
  • smooth foam egg
  • cotton fabric, one with a rabbit theme and another complimentary pattern and color
  • 5mm sequins in the complimentary color of your choice
  • 1/4 inch sequin pins*
  • 15/0 clear iridescent seed beads*
  • 2 pearl topped corsage pins
  • 2 plum blossom sequins in the complimentary color of your choice

*Purchased from Cartwright’s

Basic Instructions:

  1. Divide your egg into 8 equal sections.
  2. Using your tape measure, measure the height of your egg from the top point to the bottom point. Divided the height by 2 to find the midpoint.
  3. Mark the midpoint on every other line.
  4. Divide your midpoint by 2 to find the quarter point.
  5. Mark the quarter point twice, once measured from the top and once from the bottom, on the lines without midpoint marks.
  6. Using your tape measure as a straight edge, connect the dots. Midpoints to quarter points, creating diamond shapes on 4 sides of the egg.
  7. White out the line in the center of each diamond.
  8. Cut foam along all remaining lines.
  9. Make a cutting pattern for your window fabric with tracing paper or clear vinyl.
  10. Cut out 4 panels of fabric, with your desired image at the center, using the cutting pattern.
  11. Spread glue on the foam, lay the fabric over the top and tuck in the edges. Do this for all 4 windows.
  12. Glue and tuck the second color of fabric onto the remaining exposed foam.
  13. Pin sequins along all the seams except for the seams along the midpoint lines.
  14. Pin a plum blossom sequin at the top and bottom of the egg with a peal topped corsage pin.