Temari Stitches on a Kimekomi Ball

My latest idea was to add some simple temari stitches to a kimekomi ball. I had to use a double layer of quilt batting between the foam and the fabric so that I could actually sew the design while the fabric was on the ball. A more flexible needle might have made it a little easier, but I think in the end it turned out pretty well.

The thread I used for the stitches was specifically made for temari and it’s very appropriately called “temari thread” in Japanese. It’s 100% polyester which gives it a nice sheen. You will probably have a hard time finding this exact stuff outside of Japan.

In both Suess’ and Vandervoort’s books on Temari, they suggest Pearl Cotton #5 thread. I suggest you use whatever you think will be pretty. This is not an exact science.

I referred to Suess’ Stitch Directory in the back of her book, to make my stitches. It’s a variation of the starburst stitch.

Now, I’m off to buy an embroidery hoop and some thread. I’m going to teach myself to stitch some simple flowers and use them in a picture window ornament. This should be fun.
Until next time. 🙂