I’m Back!

Hey Everyone!

May has been an unusually busy month for me. My parents came to Japan for a visit and then we all went to South Korea together for my brother’s wedding. As soon as I returned home my new part-time teaching job went into full swing. I’m thankful to be making some money to support my ornament addiction. However, it’s been difficult finding the time to make ornaments. I can’t remember the last time I was so busy.

In the mean time, while you are waiting for my next fabulous design, here are some pictures of our trip. Enjoy!

My parents finally got to meet the inlaws.
Shabbu Shabbu
My husband and I at Buguksa Temple in Gyeongju South Korea
At the market in Busan
Korean Karaoke, from left to right, My Brother's new wife Ellen, my Mom, Ellen's Mom, Ellen's Brother
Ready for the wedding
at the hotel after the wedding

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