Star Spangled

Tools and Materials:

  • ball point pen
  • tape measure
  • craft knife
  • tucking tool
  • liquid whiteout
  • glue stick
  • craft glue
  • 60mm smooth foam ball
  • cotton fabric in red and white
  • 1cm red satin ribbon
  • 6mm navy blue satin ribbon
  • 7mm white satin ribbon
  • dark blue metallic cord
  • twelve 15mm blue star sequins*
  • 3/4 inch sequin pins*
  • 15/0 clear iridescent seed beads*
  • two pearl topped corsage pins
  • two red hologram sunbursts*
  • two 8mm clear iridescent round faceted acrylic beads
  • two 5mm red metallic sequins

*Purchased from Cartwright’s

Basic Instructions:

  1. Divide your ball into 12 equal sections.
  2. White out the equator line if drawn and cut foam along vertical lines.
  3. Cut out 12 panels of quilt batting that equal the size of each section on your foam ball.
  4. Cut out 6 panels of red fabric and 6 panels of white fabric, a little larger than the size of each section on your ball.
  5. Glue one panel of batting on a section of your foam ball, then cover with a panel of red fabric and tuck the edges of the fabric into the foam.
  6. Repeat step 5 for the remaining sections on your ball with alternating colors of fabric.
  7. Glue cord onto all the seams.
  8. Thread a small red sequin onto the corsage pin. Then thread on the large bead, then the red sunburst, then about 15cm of white ribbon as the hanging ribbon on to the corsage pin.
  9. Next make the bow. To make this two colored bow alternate 4 loops of blue ribbon, 6 of red and last 4 more blue. Once the bow is threaded onto the pin glue it to the top of the ornament. You may also want to place some extra pins around the bow securing it tightly to the ball.
  10. Next, repeat step 8 and 9 at the bottom of the ornament. However, instead of a 14 loop bow, make a 8 loop bow with 4 loops of blue and 4 loops of red. Your loops should be smaller for the bottom of the ornament.
  11. Last, pin blue star sequins on the white panels. Each white panel will have 2 stars each, 1 just under the top bow and 1 just over the bottom bow.

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