“Flower Garden” Kimekomi Ornament Video

Lately I’ve been exploring Japanese Temari ball divisions for use on my Kimekomi balls. In Temari there are the basic simple divisions that divide your ball into equal vertical sections. Then there are combination divisions that add extra lines over the top of the simple divisions and totally change the look of the ball.

In today’s video I used a combination 8 division. You can find directions for this in Suess’ book Japanese Temari, or online at TemariKai.com. On TemariKai.com click on How-To and then scroll down to the heading Working Standard Divisions. Rather than using pins and string to mark your ball, use a measuring tape and pen and draw your lines and dots directly onto the foam ball.

This “Flower Garden” design was fun but very difficult and time consuming. The big challenge for this ornament was the small flowers. The smaller the drawing on the foam is, the harder it is to keep the details. Hard angles become rounded and what is drawn on the surface of the foam might come out looking very different once you have applied your fabric. You will notice I didn’t use batting for this ornament either. Batting is just impossible to use once your sections start getting tiny.

So, What do you think? I tried to do as many variety of flowers as I could think of to show you all the possibilities. Here is a picture of another ornament I did a few weeks ago using the combination 8 division. This sold on Etsy the day after I listed it.

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  1. I absolutely love the Flower Garden ornament. I am wondering why you tuck in the center of a flower petal. It just seems to me like an unnecessary step to me. Do you use a glue stick? We just had a hurricane today, but if the craft store is open tomorrow, I am going and picking up styrofoam balls and eggs and am going to try this ASAP! I love them. And I need Christmas ornaments for this year for gifts.

    1. The compass is nothing special. I got it at the local 100 yen shop. I had to change out the pencil it came with to the pen. The pen was to big so I had to cut the plastic so it would fit into the hole.

  2. Thank you so much for these video’s! I just made a my first ball 🙂 I do wish you had a Temari video as I cannot figure how to make them at all. Thanks so much 🙂

    1. You are very welcome Lisa.
      I’ve made a few Temari but am not very skilled. I’m not to the point where I can create my own designs yet. I’m still learning from books. Maybe someday I’ll do a temari video but not anytime soon.

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