“Kaleidoscope” Kimekomi Ornament

This week I’ve been playing around with the Double Combination 8 Division. It’s the latest in my series of combination division tutorials which can be found over on the Combination Divisions Page.

Over at temarikai.com they have printable diagrams of the various types of divisions. They are especially helpful in brainstorming new designs. For this ornament I printed out their double combo 8 diagram and started coloring in the sections. This is the result.

I used this pattern to create my latest kimekomi ornament “Kaleidoscope”. The diagram is the view from the north and south pole. Just repeat the pattern using 5 different colors of fabric using the kimekomi techinique.

Watch out for the orange diamonds. I combined 2 separate sections as one. It’s easiest to find that section and white out the dividing line before you start cutting the foam. Otherwise you might accidental cut where you don’t need to. Also, I didn’t use batting for this ornament because the sections are so small. You will need to white out those extra lines so they don’t show through the fabric.

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