Halloween Ornaments

Ornaments aren’t just for Christmas anymore. There are lots of ornament artists out there creating wonderful stuff for Halloween. Check out some of the wonderful ornaments I have found over at Etsy.com. Click on the picture to go to the listing for each item on Etsy.

I love Ornament Boutique‘s fun fabric and ribbons.

Happy Pumpkins by OrnamentBoutique

The Ornament Girl has a DIY tutorial and kits now. Perfect if you love her designs but still want to do it yourself.

Halloween Plaid Ornament Kit by The Ornament Girl

Lunniunni‘s ornaments are alway super fun.

Candy Corn Ornament by luniunni

I love the trim on this ornament by Prairie Creations Ornaments. Really beautifully done.

Mystical Pumpkin by Prairie Creations Ornaments

And last but not least my very own Halloween inspired ornament.

Skeletons and Spider Webs by Ornament Designs

Satin and Tulle Video

I love the fat quarter bins at my local craft store. Sometimes when I’m having a creative block, all I have to do is go browse the bins to find inspiration. I was lucky to find several colors of satin and a few different types of tulle recently. My favorite is the black satin and this beautiful black and gold tulle. I knew that when I combined the two it would have a really beautiful effect, turning a simple 6 division kimekomi into something special.

The satin has very little stretch and is more difficult to tuck than cotton fabric. The tulle tends to slip around a lot on top of the satin and It will take some practice and patience working with these fabrics in combination. The tulle wasn’t very secure before the sequins were pinned into the seam. The sequins helps hold the tulle in place. Ribbon would do the same. If you tuck all the extra on the edges into the foam rather than trim it off it slips less.

Combination 8 Glitter Ornament

When I originally posted this I didn’t realize I was doing an 8 division wrong. I now have 2 types of 8 division instructions. Alyx’s 8 division and Normal 8 division. This one uses Alyx’s 8. You can find videos for both on the Combination Divisions Page.


Several weeks ago I posted my “Flower Garden” Kimekomi Orament Video which showed you how you can create interesting kimekomi designs with the temari combination 8 division. These combination divisions are not just reserved for temari and kimekomi ornaments. You can also create great sequins and glitter ornaments.

Tools & Materials Needed:

  • ballpoint pen
  • tape measure
  • glue
  • drafting compass(optional)
  • paint brush
  • one 60mm smooth foam ball
  • 1/2 inch silver sequin pins*
  • 15/0 clear iridescent seed beads*
  • 5mm green sequins
  • light blue glitter paint**
  • 9mm wide green satin ribbon
  • 16 pearl topped corsage pins
  • 16 hot pink metallic plum blossom sequins

*purchased at Cartwright’s
**homemade, using loose glitter and clear iridescent glitter glue. See FAQ page for more info on how to make glitter paint.


  1. Draw combination 8 division lines on the foam ball. You can find directions on drawing the combo 8 division in Suess’ book Japanese Temari, or online at TemariKai.com. Rather than using pins and string to mark your ball, use a measuring tape and pen and draw your lines and dots directly onto the foam ball.
  2. Trace all lines drawn with green sequins, except leave about 1.5cm without sequins at each point where more than 2 lines intersect.
  3. Prep your glitter paint.
  4. Fill in all exposed foam with glitter paint and let dry.
  5. At each point where more than 2 lines intersect, pin a plum blossom sequin with a corsage pin.
  6. Finish your ornament by placing a bow and hanging ribbon at the top where you left some exposed foam. Thread a plum blossom sequin onto the corsage pin, then the hanging ribbon, then the bow, in that order.

The most time consuming part of this ornament is waiting for the glitter paint to dry before moving onto the next step. You may need several coats of paint to get an opaque look.

I wasn’t completely happy with the color of the bow when I was finished so I removed it and added a purple bow.

For an even more interesting design change up the colors or use more than one color of glitter paint. Use star or holiday shaped sequins instead of flowers. There are so many possibilities.

“Great Balls of Fire” Kimekomi Ornaments

My latest creation was inspired by the blazing hot summer sun many of us have been feeling this month. That, and the song Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis that I haven’t been able to get out of my head.

I started out with a simple idea of drawing a random freehand abstract pattern on a ball and then use red, orange and yellow fabric to mimic swirling fire. I wasn’t 100% satisfied with my first ornament (seen below on the right) so I made a second (on the left) with a more flame like design and I used only hues of yellow and orange.

Don’t think you are limited to straight lines and geometric shapes when making your kimekomi ornaments. Think outside the box and get creative with freehand drawing.

“Flower Garden” Kimekomi Ornament Video

Lately I’ve been exploring Japanese Temari ball divisions for use on my Kimekomi balls. In Temari there are the basic simple divisions that divide your ball into equal vertical sections. Then there are combination divisions that add extra lines over the top of the simple divisions and totally change the look of the ball.

In today’s video I used a combination 8 division. You can find directions for this in Suess’ book Japanese Temari, or online at TemariKai.com. On TemariKai.com click on How-To and then scroll down to the heading Working Standard Divisions. Rather than using pins and string to mark your ball, use a measuring tape and pen and draw your lines and dots directly onto the foam ball.

This “Flower Garden” design was fun but very difficult and time consuming. The big challenge for this ornament was the small flowers. The smaller the drawing on the foam is, the harder it is to keep the details. Hard angles become rounded and what is drawn on the surface of the foam might come out looking very different once you have applied your fabric. You will notice I didn’t use batting for this ornament either. Batting is just impossible to use once your sections start getting tiny.

So, What do you think? I tried to do as many variety of flowers as I could think of to show you all the possibilities. Here is a picture of another ornament I did a few weeks ago using the combination 8 division. This sold on Etsy the day after I listed it.