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  1. Any tips on how you get the shape to come out right when tracing the logo on to the ball? I seem to have this issue with anything I try to trace on to a ball.

    1. Hmmm… Well, your logo can’t be too big for the ball. It’s too difficult to trace it if it’s too big. But if it’s too small then it’s to hard to cut and tuck the fabric. I suggest starting out with a larger size ball. The larger the ball is the flatter the surface you will trace on. Once you get good at a large ball move onto the smaller sizes. I started with 8cm balls and now use 7cm balls. I can’t use a 6cm ball, it’s just too small. I also choose really simple shapes. If the logo or shape is to complex it’s impossible. Simple is best when choosing your logo. From there I suppose it just takes practice. I usually trace something several times, smoothing the paper from different directions, then I go back and white out the lines I don’t want to use. I hope that helps. Good Luck!

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