Sequin Shapes Video Series- Diamonds

Here is my second video in my “Sequin Shapes Series”. Today‚Äôs shape is the Hologram Beveled Diamond in Bright Gold.

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12 thoughts on “Sequin Shapes Video Series- Diamonds”

  1. This is gorgeous….I have been making the Kimekomi ornaments for a very short time and love seeing all the tutorials. I must say mine are not half as gorgeous!! Please sent me a list of all the supplies needed to make these Sequin Shape Diamond Series.
    Thank you for sharing

    1. Here’s the list of supplies:

      foam ball
      3 colors of satin fabric
      gold cord
      5mm gold hologram sequins
      gold hologram sequins
      gold bead caps
      pearl topped pins
      satin ribbon
      gold straight pins

  2. I see it is an 8 division but don’t know what the measurements are to make the diamond can you tell me? I am not real good yet at the division part on making the ornaments when I do them they are not all the same demention. I’m getting better but not anywhere near where you are!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Alyx,

    Two questions: Where can I purchase the blue glue stick and are there patterns available for
    the Kimekomi ornaments?


  4. You are very talented. I make my own Christmas gifts and it is hard to come up with different ideas each year. I know what to do this Christmas. Thank you so much for sharing.

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