Sequin Shapes Video Series- Hexagons

Here is another video in my “Sequin Shapes Series”. Today’s shape is Hologram Hexagons in Gold.

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  1. Hi….Are you using regular straight pins or sequin pins for this project? Does it make a difference which one you use. Also, for the Glitter Glue can you use just plain clear glue?
    Thank you
    I just LOVE all your different designs!!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Dot.
      I am using gold 3/4 inch sequin pins. Regular straight pins don’t fit through the seed beads I use. Plus I wanted to match the color of the pin to the color of the sequins.
      I think clear glue would be just fine but I wanted to use the iridescent glitter glue to give the glitter a little more kick.

  2. Thanks for the reply….I tried mixing the glitter with the glitter glue and for some reason could not get it to cover the ball….the white was still showing through and the consistancy was thick and gloopy? Don’t know what I did wrong? Is there a certain kind of glitter you need to use or can you use any type of glitter? Thank you so much for sharing….I have to admit I am just enthralled with all the designs that you come up with….you are so very talented!!!

    1. Sorry but I have no idea what you could have done wrong. I have never had an issue getting the consistency right even with different types of glitter. If it’s too thick I just add more glue and if it’s too thin I just add more glitter until I get a consistency I’m happy with. Fine glitter is easier to use in my opinion but any glitter should work. I do have to do several coats most of the time to get a completely opaque look.
      Thanks so much for all your kind words and questions. I’m so glad you like my work.

  3. I just want to know where can I get the material you use for the projects,do you buy them at Michaels? Please let me know I’m so In Love of your work.

      1. I simply love your hologram hexagon sequin ornament and have not been able to find those sequins anywhere. I have clicked on the site you posted for supplies and it brings me to something else. I have gone to Cartwrights also. i have not been able to locate those sequins there either. HELP!!!

        1. Hi Jan, Sorry it took so long for me to reply to your comment. I checked on Cartwright’s and it looks like they no longer carry them. You could always email them and ask them if they have any in stock or if they intend on getting any more. I am not directly affiliated with Cartwright’s so I have no idea. I don’t know of any other place to find them. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

          1. hi, same problem, found some at bergers but they were only 5mm, very small. someone, somewhere has to be making them, i’ve searched and searched, zippo! if anyone finds them please let me know, thanks and have a wonderful day!

  4. I found the sequins at I’m pretty sure that they are the right size. Hope this helps! I just found your videos, and you create such beautiful things-a master! It would be helpful if you posted a supply list. Thanks for sharing your ideas and talent !

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