Metallic Multi-colored Triangles

Every time I order from Cartwright’s Sequins I like to get some new fun shapes to try out. With my last big order I got one small pack of Metallic Mixed Colors Triangles.

I started out by sorting the triangles by color. Then I arranged them in the rainbow like color pattern pictured below.

triangles lay out equator line

Next I pinned them to the equator line of a 7cm diameter smooth foam ball.

equator line on ball2

Then I made another set of triangles like the in the first picture. I flipped them so the bottom was now the top. Then I pinned them in the pattern pictured below to the ball. The numbers and letters correspond to matching colors.

2nd layer

Once all my colored triangles were pinned my ornament looked like this from the top and bottom.

top view wo silver

I then added 3 silver triangles to both the top and bottom of the ball. The triangles on the bottom are spaced closer together than the ones on the top.

Bottom View
Bottom View

Top View
Top View

Next I filled in the remaining empty spaces with clear iridescent glitter glue.

w glitter glue

Last I added a silver and white bow to the top.

finished 1
finished 3

This was so easy to make and looks great on my tree.