2015 Tools and Material Preferences Survey Results

Tools and Materials
In an effort to get a better idea where my followers are buying their ornament supplies and which tools they prefer I ran a survey from May-August 2015. I received 30 responses in total. Not all answered every question in the survey and some added to there responses in the comments. The majority of my followers are from the United States so the answers reflect that.

Here’s what I learned:

Kimekomi is the most popular type of ornament made and sequined ornaments are the 2nd most popular type.

Most people prefer to shop at a physical store for there materials as opposed to an online shop. Generally, the most popular stores are Michaels, Jo-ann Fabric and Craft and Hobby Lobby.

Foam Balls:
Michaels was the favorite for foam balls, followed by Jo-ann and Hobby Lobby.
Walmart was an unexpected surprise answer.
Craftmill was the answer from a UK based follower.

Michaels, Jo-ann, Walmart and Hobby Lobby were all evenly preferred for sequin purchases.
Cartwright’s Sequins was the clear online winner, and my personal favorite.
Hobbycraft was the answer from a UK based follower.

Sequin Pins:
Michaels and Jo-ann were the clear favorites for sequin pins.
Hobbycraft for the UK.

Pearl Pins:
Jo-ann was the clear favorite for pearl head pins.
Hobbycraft for the UK.

Tucking Tool for Kimekomi:
There were only 10 responses to this question.

6 people use a straight upholstery needle.
2 people use a traditional tucking tool from Japan.
1 person uses an awl or dental tool.
1 person uses a metal fingernail file with a plastic handle.

One added “also use a sculpting tool with a flat side”.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey and if you didn’t have a chance to participate but would still like to add your recommendations and/or preferences please leave a comment below.

2 Replies to “2015 Tools and Material Preferences Survey Results”

  1. Thanks for the feedback on results of your survey. Was very interesting. And JoAnn’s seems to be a real favorite. Personally, I don’t care for Michaels. It is too expensive, and does not carry enough products for the ornaments.

    1. Michaels was never a favorite of mine either. They never had what I was looking for. JoAnn’s was always hit or miss for me. Sometimes they had everything I needed and sometimes nothing. Pat Catan’s (http://www.patcatans.com/) which has locations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia is always a favorite of mine when I am visiting my family in Pittsburgh.

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