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Hi! I’m Alyx. I love creating unique Sequined and Kimekomi Ornaments that will become treasured family heirlooms I started making sequined ornaments when I was a teenager with my mother’s encouragement. Here are some pictures of those early ornaments. My mother still hangs them on her tree every year. After moving to Japan I discovered the art of Kimekomi and it has become my preferred technique.

Ornament Designs started back in early 2009 when I made a time lapse video of myself making a sequined ornament and posted it on YouTube. That was the beginning of what has now become a YouTube channel with over 10,000 subscribers, this website and more.

What is Kimekomi? Kimekomi is my current favorite technique for making ornaments. A pattern is drawn and then cut onto a surface, such as soft wood or smooth polystyrene foam. The fabric is then placed over the pattern and tucked into the cuts. It was developed in the 18th century in Japan as a doll making technique. Kimekomi literally means “to tuck into a groove”.

All of the ornaments on this site are of my own design unless otherwise stated. I take great pride in the creation of each ornament with special attention to detail. If you are interested in purchasing an ornament or tutorial please visit my shop. I sell completed ornaments as well as tutorials, kits, and supplies.

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    Quick Facts About Me:

  • I grew up in the suburbs of Houston, Texas.
  • I originally came to Japan to teach English with the JET Program and that’s how I met my Japanese husband.
  • I’ve lived in various parts of Japan for about 10 years. I am currently located in Yokohama, Japan.
  • In February 2017 I became a mother. 🙂
  • I love traveling and snowboarding.
  • My favorite quotes:
    “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” – Ben Franklin
    “We’re all stories, in the end; just make it a good one, eh?” -The Doctor, Doctor Who

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