Ornament Storage

Over the years I’ve seen lots of ornament storage options. There are many companies selling expensive storage boxes that include easy access drawers and dividers, stackable containers, etc. But ornament storage doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. All you need is some tissue, packing paper, a cardboard box and some closet space.

Keeping the bows nice is always the biggest challenge when storing ornaments. Even if you use a fancy box with dividers your probably still going to end up with squashed flat bows if you don’t do something to help them keep their shape. I use plain lotion-free sent-free tissues to stuff my bows to prevent them from going flat. I do this for storage as well as when I ship the ornaments I sell. Every Christmas when it’s time to decorate the tree I am always pleased to see that the bows look just as good as the day they were made.

stuff bows with tissue
stuff bows with tissue

Once I’ve stuffed all the bows I wrap them in paper and then stack them in a cardboard box. You can use proper packing paper if you want. Buy it anywhere that sells moving boxes and shipping supplies. Or, if you are cheap like me, you can use newspaper advertisements. I prefer the glossy ads as opposed to the newsprint because I feel like there is less change the ink with transfer from the paper onto the fabric of the ornament. Some of the ads here in Japan are only printed on one side. I collect these throughout the year and use them for packing paper. I wrap it so the blank side of the ad touching the ornament.

ornaments wrapped in paper and packed in a box
ornaments wrapped in paper and packed in a box

Then I store the box in a climate controlled space. Attics can get so hot and basements can be damp. Climate control is key to keeping that musty smell away. You know those little packs of silica that you find packed with new shoes? Put a few of those in your box to combat the humidity especially if you live in a wet climate.

silica gel packs

Swirl Kimekomi Ornament Video Tutorial

List of Tools Needed:

  • ball point pen
  • measuring tape
  • drafting compass
  • craft knife
  • tucking tool
  • sizzors
  • tracing paper

List of Materials Needed:

  • smooth foam ball
  • quilt batting
  • fabric in 2 different colors and/or motifs
  • 2 large sequins
  • 2 pearl headed pins
  • cord trim
  • ribbon

Swirl 2

Bias Tape Maker

Bias Tape Maker

I was watching a sewing show on TV and saw the host make some easy loops for buttons with a bias tape maker. I thought it would be a great way to make ribbon out of fabric for my ornaments. I bought a 12mm and a 6mm one, but have only used the 12mm so far.

It’s really easy to use. The directions how to use it were right on the back of the package and told me how big to cut my fabric strips. For the 12mm tape maker I used 23mm wide strips. You just feed the fabric through the tape maker and iron it as it comes out the other end.

making tape

bias tape

Here are a few ornaments I have made using the bias tape.

Valentine's Ornament 2014

Blue Floral Bias Tape

Leopard Stripes

American Hearts (Two Hearts Revisited)

Way back in January of 2012 I made this ornament for Valentine’s Day.

Two Hearts, January 2012
Two Hearts, January 2012

Here is the link to the original post with the video. Two Hearts Kimekomi Ornament Video

I found some fun American themed fabric and thought it would be fun to make an ornament for the 4th of July holiday coming up. With a few adaptations to my “Two Hearts” design I came up with the following.

American Hearts, Red Side
American Hearts, Red Side

American Hearts, Blue Side
American Hearts, Blue Side

American Hearts, Side View
American Hearts, Side View

This only took a few hours to make and can be done with any patriotic themed fabric. I’m off to the fabric store now to see if I can find some Union Jack fabric. 🙂