Combination Divisions

Combination Six

Combination Eight

Combo 8

Watched the video but don’t quite understand? I’ve got an affordable new and improved tutorial for sale with detailed instructions on how to make a combination 8 kimekomi ornament in my Etsy shop.

Double Combination 8

Combination Ten

2 Replies to “Combination Divisions”

  1. I want to do a simple criss cross design I saw on an ornament and it seems it is beyond me! I am so frustrated! I am going to try to paste the phot so you can see what i want to achieve …so simple….but just cannot get it to work. If you have any suggestions, please share. my husband retired and I am starting on my 2016 Christmas gifts…must be frugal this year!
    i cannot get the picture to paste here. it is a simple thread gold thread that makes a checkerboard design around the middle of the round satin ball ornament. I cannot get the checkerboard effect. All I get is a diamond effect. I have varied my number of pins from even to odd, thinking that would throw the the pattern correctly, but that doesn’t work. Help!!!!! Nancy

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