Sequin and Glitter Ornaments

New Glitter Ornament Tutorial

This is my latest tutorial video that explains in detail my techniques for making sequined and glitter ornaments.

Old Glitter Ornament Tutorial

This is my old video about making glitter and sequin ornaments. The video quality is poor but the information is still good.


I get so many questions about making glitter glue/paint that I dedicated a full page to the topic. Visit the Glitter Glue/Glitter Paint Page for more about glittering your ornaments.

Sequins and Seed Beads:

It’s important to use a seed bead when you are pinning sequins to your ornament if the head of your pins are smaller than the hole in the sequin. The bead prevents the sequin from falling off the end of the pin and also it gives texture to your ornament. If the head of your pins are larger than the hole in your sequins then you don’t have to use a bead.

It is also important to use glue on the end of the pins before pushing them into the foam. The glue helps prevent the pins from coming loose and falling out.

See the FAQ page for more tips.

4 thoughts on “Sequin and Glitter Ornaments”

  1. You’ve inspired me for well over a year or so now with all your designs! I started my own sequin ornament making hobby and love it! I started with small holiday ones, and now have expanded into hot air balloons, ones using floral designs and blossoms and many other unique designs! Thanks for your help and expertise. BTW, I also found Cartwright’s, not through you, but glad to hear you use them too – they’re awesome! Thanks again – Erin

    1. I don’t have a book, but I do sell PDF files in my shop. They are $10 each and you can download them and print them out. The quality is much higher than the free stuff I have on this site. If you like the free tutorials you will love my PDFs. I’ve only got 4 available right now. I plan on adding a few more this year. Perhaps once I have enough material I’ll pack them all together into one e-book.

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