Kimekomi Tool Kit


Kimekomi Tool Kit TK1

This toolkit includes all of my favorite tools for making kimekomi ornaments.

-one small locking slide type knives and 2 replacement blades
-one self-winding 200 cm measuring tape
-one set of 27 needles including sharps, darners, a threader, a carpet needle, a sail needle, a sack needle, a curved needle, and a straight upholstery needle.
-one glue stick
I always use a sliding knife for cutting my foam. There is no need to sharpen the blade. Just snap the worn end off for a new sharp edge. And don't worry about cutting yourself when searching for your knife in a crowded toolbox. Retract the blade for safe storage.
The straight upholstery needle sold in this set is my all time favorite tucking tool. The sack needle is great for scraping and applying glue for seam cord.
The glue stick is my favorite type of glue. It dries fast and clear. Great for gluing seam cord.
Colors may vary from picture and all items are in their original packaging.
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