Halloween Ornaments

Ornaments aren’t just for Christmas anymore. There are lots of ornament artists out there creating wonderful stuff for Halloween. Check out some of the wonderful ornaments I have found over at Etsy.com. Click on the picture to go to the listing for each item on Etsy.

I love Ornament Boutique‘s fun fabric and ribbons.

Happy Pumpkins by OrnamentBoutique

The Ornament Girl has a DIY tutorial and kits now. Perfect if you love her designs but still want to do it yourself.

Halloween Plaid Ornament Kit by The Ornament Girl

Lunniunni‘s ornaments are alway super fun.

Candy Corn Ornament by luniunni

I love the trim on this ornament by Prairie Creations Ornaments. Really beautifully done.

Mystical Pumpkin by Prairie Creations Ornaments

And last but not least my very own Halloween inspired ornament.

Skeletons and Spider Webs by Ornament Designs

Jack-O’-lantern Ornament

Just in time for Halloween!

This ornament was easy, fun and quick. It only took me a few hours to make.
And, I think it looks great on my bookshelf!

Materials Used:

  • one 80mm smooth foam ball
  • orange cotton fabric
  • black cotton fabric
  • gold cord
  • 9mm wide green ribbon
  • one green plum blossom sequin
  • corsage pin
  • glue

Tools Used:


  1. Draw lines on foam ball dividing it into 6 equal sections.
  2. Cut out 6 panels of orange fabric. The panels should measure just a little larger than each section on your ball.
  3. Draw your Jack-O’-lantern face on the foam.
  4. Cut out 4 pieces of black fabric in roughly the size of the eyes, nose and mouth you drew. Leave lots of extra on your pieces so there is enough for tucking. The excess can be cut off as you tuck.
  5. Cut along all lines drawn.
  6. Cover the eyes, nose and mouth of your Jack-O’-lantern with black fabric, tucking the fabric into the cuts along your drawn lines. You may use glue to secure your fabric on the foam. Just make sure the glue doesn’t seep through the fabric.
  7. Once the face is finished, cover the rest of the foam with the orange fabric panels. You will need to cut holes to allow the face to show. Be sure to leave enough fabric for tucking. I like to cut the holes for the face as I go, as opposed to trying to do it before hand. There is less chance of cutting off to much.
  8. Once all the fabric is in place, outline the black fabric with gold cord to emphasize the face. Use glue to secure it in place. You may also use gold pins if you have them available.
  9. Finish your ornament by threading a green plum blossom sequin on a corsage pin, then the green hanging ribbon and lastly the green bow. Dip the pin in glue and pin it to the top of the ball.

As you can see in the picture above, I drew the eyes a little too small and the mouth should be higher, closer to the nose. However, even though it’s flawed, I think it’s really cute. The small eyes make it look like it’s squinting because it’s smile is so big. I think it has character. I’m sure yours will too.