Sequin Shapes Video Series – Almond Shapes

At the beginning of the year I placed my usual restock order with Cartwright’s. Along with the usual stuff I got some sequin shapes that I’ve never used before. The next several videos I do will be part of my “Sequin Shapes Series”. These will include geometric type shapes and will not include flower, leaf or shell shapes.

Today’s shape is the Hologram Beveled Almond in Silver.

Satin “Jester” Kimekomi Ornament

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • ball point pens or permanent markers in 3 different colors (I use black, red and green)
  • measuring tape
  • white out
  • (optional)tracing paper
  • (optional)card stock or heavy paper
  • craft knife
  • glue stick
  • craft glue
  • tucking tool (I use a straight upholstery needle)
  • foam ball (I use a 7cm ball)
  • 4 colors of satin fabric (I use white, yellow, pink, and blue)
  • 3 colors of satin cord, should coordinate with your fabric colors (I use white, pink and blue)
  • satin ribbon in the color of your choice (I use yellow and white)
  • 6 pearl headed pins in the color of your choice (I use green)
  • 6 large flower sequins in the color of your choice (I use silver hologram)


  1. First thing you need to do is draw a Double Combination 8 Division on your ball. Visit the Combination Divisions page for a video tutorial on how to do this. You should start out with a true combo 8 drawn in black, and then continue with the double combo 8 division in red.
  2. Once your Double Combination 8 Division is drawn, trace the pattern seen in the diagram below in green ink. This diagram is a view from the north and south poles of your ball.
  3. Next, white out the black and red lines inside the green triangles.
  4. Then, white out the black lines inside the red triangles. The red triangles look like they are behind the green ones.
  5. Cut along all remaining lines. I cut the green lines first, then the red lines then the black lines.
  6. (optional) Make a cutting pattern for the green triangles. Using your tracing paper and a pen, trace the green triangles and cut it out. Then paste it to some card stock or heavy paper and cut about 1cm around the traced triangle. Cut off the pointy ends. Use this pattern to cut out 8 triangles of blue satin fabric.
  7. Place the blue fabric over the green triangles and tuck into the cuts on the foam. You will have 8 blue triangles mirroring each other over the equator line when finished.
  8. (optional) Make cutting patterns for the top and bottom of the red triangles. Cut out 8 pieces of pink fabric for each pattern.
  9. Next cover and tuck pink fabric over the red triangles, tops and bottoms covered separately.
  10. (optional) Make cutting patterns for the north and south pole triangles. Cut out 8 pieces of yellow fabric and 8 of white using the patterns.
  11. Cover and tuck fabric over the triangles at the north and south poles alternating yellow and white fabric.
  12. (optional) Make cutting patterns for the equator triangles. Cut out 8 pieces of yellow and white fabric for each pattern.
  13. Cover and tuck fabric over the triangles at the equator alternating the yellow and white fabric.
  14. Once the ball is totally covered in fabric the color pattern should look like this from the north and south poles. Please note that the yellow and white fabric colors should oppose each other from the north and south pole.

  15. Now it’s time to glue the cord to the seams. Using your tucking tool, scrape a small amount of glue from your glue stick and apply it to the seam. Place the cord over the top of the glue and pat it down gently. Only a small amount of glue is needed.
  16. -Start with white cord around the equator.
    -Next, glue pink cord in an X outlining the bottom half of the pink triangles.
    -Then trace the blue triangles with blue cord. Rather than tracing each triangle individually, cut 4 pieces of cord that is a few centimeters longer than the circumference of your ball. Wrap each piece individually in a continuous line in the same pattern as when you were drawing your original combo 8.
    -Once all your blue cord in place, do the white cord at the north and south poles. For this you only need 4 pieces for each pole, they will criss-cross at the pole.
    -Glue the pink cord at the tops of the pink triangles in one continuous piece, as seen in the video.

  17. Next, pin flower sequins at the south pole and on the equator at each point where 2 blue triangles touch.
  18. Top off your ornament with a white hanging ribbon, flower sequin and yellow and white bow. Alternate 2 loops of yellow, then 2 of white, then 2 more yellow and 2 more white. 8 loops in total. For more information on making the bow and hanging ribbon please see the Bow Video on the All About Bows Page.

Here are a couple more variations on the “Jester” design.

Merry Christmas and Happy Ornament Making!

Ornaments of Christmases Past

Merry Christmas everyone! This has been Ornament Designs first Christmas and a very busy one at that. After 5 craft shows in the Pittsburgh area, I made enough money to cover the purchase of new supplies. Thanks Pittsburgh for helping Ornament Designs stay afloat!

Earlier this year I posted an album titled Ornaments of Christmases Past on the Facebook page. These are pictures of ornaments I made circa 2007-2008. If you have never been to the Facebook page you may have missed it. If you did, never fear! Click on the album title above to visit that page.

Today I took some pictures of my parents Christmas tree and added two new albums on Facebook titled Ornaments of Christmases Past- prior to 2007 and Ornaments of Christmases Past- Kit Ornaments. Please follow the links and check out some of the ornaments I made as a teenager and the kits my parents assembled when I was too young to help. There are a lot more ornaments on the tree than pictures in the album. I had some problem with the lighting and wasn’t able to take clear pictures of them all. However, when we disassemble the tree on January 2nd I intend on taking pictures of the rest and adding them to the albums. Be sure to “Like” Ornament Designs so you don’t miss the updates!

Here are 2 shots of the full tree, one with a flash and one without. Regrettably, my camera can’t do it proper justice, but I still want to show you anyway. Click on the picture to see it in full size.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. See you in 2011!