Never throw away your scraps!

I’m a part-time ESL teacher and June is always my busiest month. I don’t have time in June to work on big projects so instead I use the few free hours I have each day to make small kimekomi ornaments using scraps left over from other projects. They are quick and fun, each only taking between 1-2 hours to make. They are also my best sellers at Christmas craft fairs, so it’s important that I take time during the year to increase my stock. They are made the same way as a large size kimekomi using 4cm and 5cm diameter foam balls. I don’t use batting and I keep the design very simple.

Here are my latest little ornaments made from scraps.

These are perfect for small table top trees and make great gifts for coworkers and acquaintances.

Sometimes bigger isn’t always better.

This week I’m having a little bit of “designers block”. So rather than the normal video post, I would like to show you what I’ve been working on for my upcoming sale on May 23rd.

The organizers of the booth expressed some concerns about the price of my ornaments. They wanted me to offer something cheap along with the higher priced items. As a result, I started making tiny ornaments with 40mm foam balls (about an inch and a half diameter) that I intend on selling for less than 5 dollars. These ornaments are perfect if you have a small table top Christmas tree and they take much less time to make. Only one or two hours as opposed to the five plus hours it takes to make the larger ornaments.

It’s a great way to use ribbon scraps and leftover sequins as well. That leftover ribbon may not be long enough for a full size ornament but perfect for these little ones.

I hope to attract people with these smaller cheaper options.

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