Bias Tape Maker

Bias Tape Maker

I was watching a sewing show on TV and saw the host make some easy loops for buttons with a bias tape maker. I thought it would be a great way to make ribbon out of fabric for my ornaments. I bought a 12mm and a 6mm one, but have only used the 12mm so far.

It’s really easy to use. The directions how to use it were right on the back of the package and told me how big to cut my fabric strips. For the 12mm tape maker I used 23mm wide strips. You just feed the fabric through the tape maker and iron it as it comes out the other end.

making tape

bias tape

Here are a few ornaments I have made using the bias tape.

Valentine's Ornament 2014

Blue Floral Bias Tape

Leopard Stripes

Temari Stitches on a Kimekomi Ball

My latest idea was to add some simple temari stitches to a kimekomi ball. I had to use a double layer of quilt batting between the foam and the fabric so that I could actually sew the design while the fabric was on the ball. A more flexible needle might have made it a little easier, but I think in the end it turned out pretty well.

The thread I used for the stitches was specifically made for temari and it’s very appropriately called “temari thread” in Japanese. It’s 100% polyester which gives it a nice sheen. You will probably have a hard time finding this exact stuff outside of Japan.

In both Suess’ and Vandervoort’s books on Temari, they suggest Pearl Cotton #5 thread. I suggest you use whatever you think will be pretty. This is not an exact science.

I referred to Suess’ Stitch Directory in the back of her book, to make my stitches. It’s a variation of the starburst stitch.

Now, I’m off to buy an embroidery hoop and some thread. I’m going to teach myself to stitch some simple flowers and use them in a picture window ornament. This should be fun.
Until next time. 🙂

A Christmas tree for all seasons

When I was a teenager, I had a friend who’s mother was crazy about Christmas trees. She had several of the plastic variety that stayed up all year round and would be decorated according to the season. Valentine’s theme for February, St. Patrick’s for March, Easter in April, and so on. I love this idea and if my husband would allow it I would do the same. Being Japanese, he has a difficult enough time understanding my absolute need to have a Christmas tree up in December. I’ve decided not to push the issue. But what about you? Have you gone Christmas tree crazy and keep it up all year? Are there any non-traditional ways you decorate your tree? Let’s discuss it in the comments.

As I was searching for examples I came across a blog post by HippieDog they call The little Valentine tree. I can’t post the image of their Valentine’s tree but I suggest you follow the link and see for yourself. So cute! They even tell you how they did it.

Here’s a tree for St. Patrick’s Day.

maryimp has some super cute stuff on Etsy for all the holidays. Perfect for an all season tree.

The possibilities are endless!

How To Make Quilted Ornaments

YouTube is a great resource for new project ideas and today I would like to share one of my favorites with you.

angiejanca has made this wonderful tutorial video explaining step by step how to make quilted ornaments. There is no sewing involved. All you need is fabric, straight pins and a foam ball.

I just followed Angie’s simple instructions and voilà…

I just happen to have a lot of pink fabric left over from another project, which is why my ornament is sooo pink. I suggest using fabrics in opposing colors like Angie did in the video. i.e. Red & Blue, Red & Green… I added the sequins just to spice it up a little. In total, I would say it took me about 4 hours to complete, including the time it took for me to measure and cut all the fabric. I’ve seen these in the past and always thought they looked so complicated. I’m surprised at how easy it is.