Swirl Kimekomi Ornament Video Tutorial

List of Tools Needed:

  • ball point pen
  • measuring tape
  • drafting compass
  • craft knife
  • tucking tool
  • sizzors
  • tracing paper

List of Materials Needed:

  • smooth foam ball
  • quilt batting
  • fabric in 2 different colors and/or motifs
  • 2 large sequins
  • 2 pearl headed pins
  • cord trim
  • ribbon

Swirl 2

American Hearts (Two Hearts Revisited)

Way back in January of 2012 I made this ornament for Valentine’s Day.

Two Hearts, January 2012
Two Hearts, January 2012

Here is the link to the original post with the video. Two Hearts Kimekomi Ornament Video

I found some fun American themed fabric and thought it would be fun to make an ornament for the 4th of July holiday coming up. With a few adaptations to my “Two Hearts” design I came up with the following.

American Hearts, Red Side
American Hearts, Red Side

American Hearts, Blue Side
American Hearts, Blue Side

American Hearts, Side View
American Hearts, Side View

This only took a few hours to make and can be done with any patriotic themed fabric. I’m off to the fabric store now to see if I can find some Union Jack fabric. 🙂

Victorian Style Ornament

I was inspired by a pack of buttons I bought recently. In the pack of miscellaneous buttons were some neat cameos. I ended up making this fancy satin Victorian style ornament.

Blue Victorian
Blue Victorian

It’s quite simple to make so I thought I would share it with all of you.

The 2nd ornament I made for the video is pink instead of blue and the cameo buttons are slightly different than the ones on the blue ornament.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • ball point pen
  • measuring tape
  • craft knife
  • craft glue
  • tucking tool (I use a straight upholstery needle)
  • 7cm diameter foam ball
  • satin fabric
  • 2 cameo buttons
  • metallic craft cord**
  • 5mm sequins
  • two 10mm sequins
  • 9mm wide satin ribbon
  • 6mm wide satin ribbon
  • 3/4 inch sequin pins*
  • at least 62 pearl headed pins
  • two 10mm pearl beads
  • ten 5mm pearl beads
  • 0/15 seed beads*

*Purchased at Cartwright’s
**The craft cord I use is hard to find outside of Japan. I sell it in my Etsy shop.

I suggest using light colored fabric so you can see your equator markings through the fabric.

All instructions are included in the video.