Do you love decorating for the holidays? Do you love crafting and making things yourself? You have come to the right place! At Ornament Designs you can learn to make beautiful and fun holiday ornaments. I have free tutorials that range from the most basic beginner friendly designs to more complex designs for the skilled crafter. I even sell affordable Do-It-Yourself Kits for those that don’t have the time to go searching for all the materials themselves.

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Need sequins, foam balls, a kimekomi tool kit. Find everything you need for making ornaments on the Tools and Materials Page.
Over 50 free tutorials for a variety of ornaments are available on the Free Tutorials Page.
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Best of Tokyo Craft Shops

Best of Tokyo Craft Shops

Sometimes finding tools and materials for your crafting project can be difficult when you live in Japan but don't read or speak much Japanese. For most people finding the local craft store is just a quick google search away, but for us gaikokujin, it's a bigger challenge than that. ...

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2015 Tools and Material Preferences Survey Results

In an effort to get a better idea where my followers are buying their ornament supplies and which tools they prefer I ran a survey from May-August 2015. I received 30 responses in total. Not all answered every question in the survey and some added to there responses in ...

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Red and Green Sequined Starburst, August 2015

Sequined Starburst Ornament Tutorial

This Starburst design is one I've used for over 5 years. It's one of my favorites because it's always beautiful no matter the size of the ball, color combination or embellishment at the center focal point. Learn everything you need to know ...

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Simple Striped Egg

Simple Striped Egg

Previously sold as a DIY kit valued at $15, the instructions and accompanying video are now free for you to enjoy. Tools Needed: ball point pen or fine tipped sharpie scissors craft knife tucking tool glue stick craft glue cigarette lighter (optional) Materials Needed: smooth foam egg fabric in 2 colors and/or motifs (20cm x 14cm each) quilt batting (28cm x ...

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